Wedding Day Tips

First things first:  Decide on a wedding date and book your venue.

The date and choice of venue for your wedding and reception are your most important decisions.  To start off, draw up a rough guest list so that you know how many people you will need to accommodate and then select a venue based on the type of wedding your both want to have.

The Hotel Grand Pacific is a spectacular setting for weddings and other private social gatherings.  Your special day will take on style and sophistication when held in one of our ballrooms.

Second:  Decide on your budget

Did you know that the average Canadian wedding budget in 2011, including the honeymoon is just under $24,000?  So with this in mind, it is very important to determine your spending priorities.  Where, for example, do you want most of your wedding budget to be allocated?  For most, it’s the venue, then the food and drink, followed closely by the wedding gown and lastly the honeymoon.  To assist with your planning, we have included some anticipated costs as published in Wedding Bells magazine.

  • Bridal Gown = $1,798
  • Bridesmaid Dress = $426
  • Bridal/Bridesmaid Shoes = $180
  • Wedding Bands = $2,718
  • Photographer  = $2,414
  • Videographer = $1,461
  • Stationery = $390
  • Reception, Venue & Food = $9,572
  • Wedding Cake = $524
  • Florist/Décor = $1,334
  • Transportation/Limo = $792
  • DJ/Musicians = $1264
  • Guest Favours/Gifts = $457
  • Honeymoon = $5,287

Third:  Work with a Wedding Coordinator

Contrary to popular belief, wedding coordinators don’t tell you what to do, they don’t promote what they would like and they don’t make decisions for you!  What they can do is save you time, reduce stress, eliminate problems and get you the best value for your money. And they will also recommend a Wedding Planner for further assistance.

At the Hotel Grand Pacific, our wedding coordinators listen closely to your dreams and turn them into reality.  And it’s all included in our wedding package.  In fact, they will be here onsite to assist on that very important day.

Next:  Ask lots of questions

Do your research when selecting a venue, caterer, wedding coordinator, florist….everything and everyone.  Write down your questions, keep them in a file, and tick them off when you meet suppliers.

And what about Food and Beverage? 

Another major decision….from sit-down formal dinners to al fresco picnics, the choice is yours!

Option One:  Formal Food

A formal, sit-down dinner is the most traditional reception fare.  Typically guests are served three courses, along with coffee and wedding cake and, of course, wine and champagne!

Option Two:  The Fork Buffet

Somewhere in between a formal, silver-service dinner, and a finger food buffet is a fork buffet.  This service allows guest to help themselves to a variety of hot and/or cold food from a buffet, and then sit at a formal table setting to eat.  It’s a great idea – allowing guests to have more of a decision in what they eat, but still retaining the formality of beautifully set tables and a seating plan.

Option Three:  Cocktails and Canapés

Usually set with stand-up cocktail rounds, guests are free to mingle and eat.  The food includes a selection of tasty canapés, delicate sandwiches, individual pastries and dips.  This reception-style setting should still offer some seating around tables for those who wish to rest their legs.

Our wedding catering team, under the direction of Executive Chef Rick Choy, has a flair for creating outstanding events featuring either a classic or contemporary culinary style.  We will customize your menu to reflect your individual tastes, entertaining preferences and personal style.

To host or no-host….what about the Bar?

As much as all of your guests would love it….sometimes it is just not possible to fit an open bar into your wedding budget.  When that happens, here are some interesting alternatives:

  • Host limited options at the bar (beer, wine and soft drinks).
  • Host an open bar for the first hour or two of the reception.
  • Co-host the bar or provide a twoonie bar.
  • Host a champagne reception and have champagne available for toasting.  Otherwise offer specialty bottled water.

You decide:  Children at the Wedding?

This might be a tricky one.  It’s a family and friends occasion, right?  Opinion appears to be sharply divided on this one and to be honest there is no right or wrong answer.  It’s YOUR CHOICE and yours alone but if you do decide to go child-free you need to make it very clear to your guests well in advance, so guests can make alternate arrangements.  If you do invite children you can ask the DJ to provide some family-friendly tunes and speak to our wedding coordinator about choosing some kid-friendly cuisine.

Here, at the hotel, we can put aside a kid’s suite, and assist you in hiring certified babysitters, put together kids snacks, game and movies, so you can feel comfortable that the children are well entertained and right upstairs!

Finally:  Be organized, but take some time out…..

Make sure that you know what you should be doing at each stage during the run-up to the wedding.  Our wedding coordinators can assist you with this.  Book a spa appointment, and spend some relaxing ‘together’ time before the big day….and discover why you fell in love in the first place!

Call today and find out how our outstanding facilities, complemented by the dedicated services of our catering and culinary teams, can help you create the wedding of your dreams.  All menus will be customized based on our knowledge of each couple’s individual tastes, entertaining preferences, and lifestyle.

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