Tally-ho Tours

Tally-Ho Carriage Tours is Victoria's original horse-drawn tour company that has been creating unforgettable memories since 1903!  Our professional, friendly and fun-loving tour guides will be delighted to show you our fabulous city, reveal its rich history and amuse you with funny anecdotes.  Occasions are made special when experienced through the slow rhythm of horse’s hooves. 

Tally-Ho is locally owned and operated.  The herd of draft horses are an integral part of the owner's family: they are extremely well-loved and respected, and their health and well-being are of the utmost importance to the owners, staff and local residents who have grown attached to these amazing animals.

Find us under the burgundy umbrella at the corner of Belleville and Menzies Streets (beside the Legislative Buildings).


Open to both private members and hotel guests, the Victoria Athletic Club...


Pay our rate, minus your age! Includes complimentary parking and 10% off in SORA Spa.