Victoria Bug Zoo

The Victoria Bug Zoo™ is home to some of the worlds most incredible insects, arachnids and other really cool and fascinating creatures.
Call us at (250) 384-BUGS (fax: 389-BUGS).

We have a variety of live creatures for your viewing enjoyment - scorpions, tarantulas, mantis, centipedes, Giant stick insects, colourful beetles, huge grasshoppers and more! Our friendly tour guides will even offer to let you hold some of our multi-legged creatures.

In addition to our fascinating Zoo, we offer a variety of insect-related products in the gift shop. Everything from edible insect snacks and an international assortment of honeys to authentic and artistic insect replicas, toys, books, house wares, and t-shirts.

The Zoo is open daily except Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Open to both private members and hotel guests, the Victoria Athletic Club...

$159 - $249

Rise and shine in Victoria's inner harbour!