Fan Tan Alley

Just half a block from the golden lions of the Gates of Harmonious Interest lays Fan Tan Alley, the very heart of Canada’s oldest Chinatown. The high brick walls of this site have been deeply etched with the rich cultural history of North America’s immigrant Chinese.

Fan Tan Alley is tight and narrow—just five feet wide in places—but its looming walls stretch three towering stories above the street giving the impression of a deep chasm. Fan Tan Alley is populated by half a dozen cozy little shops that would appeal to any inquisitive traveller. Nestled in one corner you will find a fine collection of military books, photos and other memorabilia at Victory Gate Militaria or you can discover hard-to-find CDs, tapes and LPs at The Turntable or Galliard Music. Equally intriguing is the funky, vintage clothing of Heart’s Content and eclectic instruments of DragonSong Music Co.

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