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Exercise Equals Electricity at Victoria Athletic Club

Nikki Ewanyshyn – SHAW Vancouver Island, March 19, 2012

“Building up a sweat is not hard in a gym. Building up green electricity? That's a bit harder. Shaw TV's Nikki Ewanyshyn checks in at the Victoria Athletic Club where exercise is being converted to energy.”

Tea Renaissance

Tea Renaissance
Laura Langston – Y.A.M. Magazine, January/February 2012
“A sophisticated West Coast spin on tea can be found at the Hotel Grand Pacific. ‘Because there was no room in the market for another traditional afternoon tea, we developed a regional...

Winter warm-ups for your holiday season

Winter warm-ups for your holiday season
Jennifer Blyth – Victoria News, December 23, 2011
“Whether you’re cosying up before the fire as the snow falls Christmas Eve or you’re looking for the perfect winter warm-up for welcoming guests over the holiday, the...

Soaking Up Service at the Hotel Grand Pacific

Soaking Up Service at the Hotel Grand Pacific
Keryn Means – WalkingonTravels, December 15, 2011
“In the end I was actually sad to leave the Hotel Grand Pacific. I can’t think of many other hotels I have said that about. The staff was friendly and...

Episode 6: RelationTrip

Episode 6: RelationTrip
GOtoGAL – CHEK TV, November 4, 2011
A new client eager to celebrate her recent divorce requests a girls' getaway to Victoria. Adera and Brian head to Vancouver Island to source some exciting places, including the Hotel Grand Pacific,...

June means celebratory dining: many hit that special mark, including The Mark

Elizabeth Levinson – Boulevard Magazine, June 2011

“We found that for our special night, one restaurant hit the mark on all counts. And who knew that it would be a hotel dining room? Past the bustle of the Hotel Grand Pacific’s foyer is a serene oasis called, appropriately, The...

Victoria Euphoria

Sarah Bancroft – Vitamin Daily, Vancouver and Calgary editions, September 22

“Our latest visit to BC's capital city uncovered the best new places to, eat, drink….and shop… The boutique-size Spa at the Grand does a top-notch pedicure (while you recline on a bed) and the RMT...

The Daily: Chinese Moon Festival at The Pacific

Hillary Hallman – The Daily, SHAW TV Southern Vancouver Island, September 9

“Hilary Hallman checks out the Hotel Grand Pacific who are hosting a Moon Festival celebration. For five days, from September 8 through 12, the restaurant will celebrate with an auspicious east-meets-west...

TEAsers turn tea-time in Victoria on its head

Suzanne Morphet - Canada’s Insider Blog (Canadian Tourism Commission), August 16, 2011

Victoria, British Columbia and tea-drinking go hand in hand – a welcome holdover from its British roots. The Hotel Grand Pacific is daring to put its own spin on tea, one that could actually...

Hotel Grand Pacific’s Ocean Wise Dim Sum

Iris Yim –, August 9, 2011

Vancouver food writer, Iris Yim attends the Hotel Grand Pacific’s “Swine and Vine” event as part of the Taste Victoria festival, and reviews weekend dim sum in The Pacific Restaurant.


Open to both private members and hotel guests, the Victoria Athletic Club...


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